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Biological resources, such as cells, tissues or biomolecules are considered as the essential raw material for the advancement of biotechnology, human health, and for research and development in life sciences.

Scientific research went through significant changes, expanding from single projects, using few data processing tools, to transnational consortia, working with a wide range of commercial and open-source software packages. These changes demand a high level of research collaboration and availability of software tools.
Most of the open-source software tools require a significant effort for installation, configuration, mainly due to the lack of documentation for non-IT experts. The BIBBOX provides an integration platform for open-source software, allowing users to test open-source software before committing to their deployment in their local servers, which can be particularly diffult in hospital settings, due to the strict security protocols and regulations demands.

European guidelines recommend that scientific data should be made FAIR. However, it might not be straightforward for researchers to know how to actually make their data FAIR. The BIBBOX supports researchers in making their data FAIR.  The modular and flexible design of BIBBOX allows developers to add a FAIR Data Point to existing open-source software solutions that handle data and publish these solutions in an App Store.

The aim of the BIBBOX is to make it easy for researchers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders to access and use a wide range of biomedical informatics tools.


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