BIBBOX Architecture

The BiBBoX system architecture is built on top of a virtual machine and docker containers. A lightweight central component provides:

  • functionality for the deployment of software tools,
  • a central ID und user management
  • and a user interface based on the Liferay portal.

The BiBBoX System Architecture: central component in green, integration software in blue and docked software in white.

Data exchange between software tools and ID management will follow the MIABIS (The Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing) recommendations.

Based on previous requirement analysis work, core functionality for the BiBBoX had been specified and an initial set of core modules for the first BiBBoX release had been identified.

The BiBBoX core module consists of software tools for the organization of samples and related data in the context of a collection / study protocol.


It includes:

  • functionalities for sample acquisition and sample metadata management,
  • sample processing,
  • sample storage,
  • sample and data retrieval/distribution
  • as well as data integration and cataloguing.


In particular the following functionalities will be supported:

  • Organization of Collections, Studies and SOPs
  • Sample Acquisition and Sample Metadata Management
  • Sample Processing
  • Sample Storage
  • Data Integration and Cataloguing

  • Sample / data retrieval and shipping, retention and destruction
  • Administrative, business and management support


The BiBBoX integrates bioinformatics modules based on the eBiokit which is a self-contained computing platform providing users with access to popular bioinformatics software and services.

The local storage allows researchers to conduct advanced data analysis in a user friendly environment and access local copies of commonly used databases.

Combined with extensive in-built tutorials this system allows non-specialists to process data generated from a biobank collection.